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Sep 5

When you wish upon a star

The land by the sea, or how to dance the Purk

Children are marvellous. They carry so much of our selves that we feel like we are crowding them, and at the same time they are supposed to grow into their own person and still keep our parts. It is a wonder that they do not explode.

After the birth of their first child, Maywise, the King and Queen rejoiced and danced. The Queen did not dance as such, but she moved her arms and shouted “Oh! Oh!” whenever the King wanted to express his joy through dance. They were very relieved when their beautiful child was delivered to their home since they had been waiting for a long time and almost thought about calling the post office about if their first born had been misplaced. But nonetheless she arrived in the arms of a beautiful ebony-skinned woman who said she had wandered upon their child one day and felt that she wanted to deliver her personally. They thanked her with gold and rubies but she declined and got on her tricycle and peddled back to wherever she came from in a hurry.
So the King and Queen took care of a little girl and they named her Maywise because of her infinite number of wonderful and alluring questions and thoughts. They did not always see wisdom in their daughters future, but maybe it was something even better. They spoiled their daughter, but she did not care. Maywise never questioned her parents way of caring for her, she only received and lived her life.
Maywise would one day grow up to become a wonderful woman, and later a rather unusual man, but there were many days left until those would knock on the door and until then the King and Queen looked upon their first-born and they knew it would be an adventure.

Three of a kind, bird of a feather

The land by the sea

How to dance the Purk

Dirt. People gotta love dirt. It surrounds the earth. Not a single soul can escape from it. If you run, it will only catch you sooner. You can use it for mud pies, or for making castles, soften your skin or throw at someone you want to tease with.

The royal two, the Queen and King walked back to their mansion after having put their horses back in the stables. They Queen loved the nature, and to see it from a horse was even better. The King… well he loved the Queen. Even after many years he had not been able to get rid of his fear of animals. Nothing wrong with animals, but they are so unpredictable and they jump and they seem to want to say a lot of things through biting and scratching. But he did love the Queen, and she had made him chose three animals that he were forbidden from saying no to if she wanted him to come. He had chosen horse, turtle and penguin hoping that her Highness never would get any of them. He was wrong. The next day four baby penguins had taken over the bathroom and even though they had gotten their own room after only a week, the King still had nightmares about them jumping out when he went to the loo.
“You were better today.” The Queen smiled at her husband.
 ”I were?” The King high fived himself in the back of his mind.
“Yes, I could barely see you sulking. You are getting better at pretending to like things for me.”
The Queen leaned over to the King and kissed him. “Thank you.”

Hello? Is this thing on

The land by the sea

How to dance the Purk
Have you ever tried to run away from yourself? No matter how hard you try, when you look over your shoulder, there you are again.

A new year has arrived in the land called Purk. A noise is filling the land. At first it sounds just like a whisper, but as the wind carries it, the noise gets stronger and stronger. But it’s not a terrifying noise, it’s just the kind of noise that lies in the background and makes your head ache after realising that that sound isn’t normally something that should be there. But still, there it is. And then you try to get away from it, but no matter how many pillows you hide under, how much cotton you stuff in your ears or how intense you try to think of something else, there it is. Whispering, twirling, reaching into your core. The King shrugged off his covers and marched out to the balcony.
“Please stop.” No answer.
“I said please.” Nothing, again.
“My Queen!” The King shouted into the Queens ear. “You have been screaming for an hour now, I think the whole land has heard you. Can you please stop now?”
With an surprised and slightly satisfied look, the Queen turned around.
“Oh, my dear, there you are. I have been trying to get you to come out here for an hour, and finally you came.”
With raised eyebrows the King tried to have an answer for what his wife had just said. Finding none, he just shrugged his shoulders and answered;
“I am sorry that I didn’t get her faster, my love. Next time I will hurry much more.”