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Three of a kind, bird of a feather

The land by the sea

How to dance the Purk

Dirt. People gotta love dirt. It surrounds the earth. Not a single soul can escape from it. If you run, it will only catch you sooner. You can use it for mud pies, or for making castles, soften your skin or throw at someone you want to tease with.

The royal two, the Queen and King walked back to their mansion after having put their horses back in the stables. They Queen loved the nature, and to see it from a horse was even better. The King… well he loved the Queen. Even after many years he had not been able to get rid of his fear of animals. Nothing wrong with animals, but they are so unpredictable and they jump and they seem to want to say a lot of things through biting and scratching. But he did love the Queen, and she had made him chose three animals that he were forbidden from saying no to if she wanted him to come. He had chosen horse, turtle and penguin hoping that her Highness never would get any of them. He was wrong. The next day four baby penguins had taken over the bathroom and even though they had gotten their own room after only a week, the King still had nightmares about them jumping out when he went to the loo.
“You were better today.” The Queen smiled at her husband.
 ”I were?” The King high fived himself in the back of his mind.
“Yes, I could barely see you sulking. You are getting better at pretending to like things for me.”
The Queen leaned over to the King and kissed him. “Thank you.”