The Land Called Purk


I must learn to dive

Whenever I try to talk about something serious, a real issue, I always have a song or a clip from a film to help me visualise my thoughts. I have never really understood why.

At first I was afraid to speak the truth
Thinking my words were not enough to make you see my pain
But now I’ve spent so many night thinking how I did you wrong
and I don’t know
But I do not want to have to lie to you any more

How do you stop lying and just speak the truth? I want to try, but there are so many obstacles. I have been hurt one to many times because of trying. Is it worth it? People say that “you do not know unless you try” but that just makes me want to slap them. If you try and always succeed, of course you won’t be afraid because you know it will be alright somehow. But if you always try and get burned? If you extend your arms and the one promising to catch you lets go? If you never have felt that you can trust someone to one hundred percent since everyone always left when it became to hard? If you tried to make it work, but only ended hurting yourself?

How do you know that it will be different this time?

I guess never.